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Microsoft's design team is at the forefront of innovation in a wide range of fields, and they asked me to help them tell the world. I write social ad copy and serve as an ongoing editor of Microsoft's official design blog.​

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The most popular job search site in the United States needed help teaching employers and recruiters how to write effective job listings. I was happy to accept the job. 

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There's nothing like adding to your resume. The most popular free resume builder in the world needed content to present their services effectively and efficiently, so they asked me to help write website copy.


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Interior Marketing Group is the largest full-service interior design and staging firm in the country, with a client list that includes Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. When they needed copy relating to their partnership with Holiday House, an NYC based organization that uses interior design to promote breast cancer research, they reached out to me. I was happy to support a great brand, a great cause, and an opportunity to mention Kim and Kanye in reference to my work.

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I was contracted by Tokeet, a vacation rental management start-up, two years ago. They needed to create the entirety of their brand voice, website copy, Help & Support documentation & videos, emails, and more before their launch. During my time writing for them they've grown from zero monthly subscribers to over 3,000.


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Erase Child Trafficking had a problem. Their organization is centered around an issue that's unpleasant to talk about, which makes raising awareness difficult. Through targeted blog posts, web content and articles connecting child trafficking with current and top-of-mind child safety concerns, like the Pokemon Go explosion of 2016, I was able to help raise their engagement and sharability to an all-time high.

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They've now helped over 725,000 students receive focused, mobile tutoring, but Yup was once a new start-up trying to define its voice and message. I helped distill their unique service down to its most vital, most marketable elements.

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Appliances are boring. So how do you get potential customers to read in-depth buying guides to help them choose the right one for their needs (and turn those potential customers into the real deal)? You write those guides in a real, conversational and entertaining voice that speaks to the excitement and terror of renovating a home. (Home renovations drive most of DA's business.) I continue to write engaging and informative web copy and articles for Designer Appliances, establishing them as a trusted voice in high-end appliances and kitchen renovations.

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When you're one out of a hundred online mattress companies, where you appear in Google results when someone searches for "comfortable mattress" can make or break your business. I've been working with Amerisleep for three years to continously pump energy into their SEO efforts and online visibility, leading to a continuous increase in online sales. When they launched a few brick and mortar stores, I helped them drive physical traffic there, too.


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How do you convince businesses that you're vital for their future when they need you to envision their future for them? RTFS helps companies prepare for tech innovations. I helped them quickly, succinctly and effectively convey their value.

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