Spec. Ads

A few speculative ads made to show my skills beyond the work I've completed for clients.

Ikea Spec.jpg

Ikea executives have already publicly embraced the “Ikea hacking” trend and have even released product lines designed around that trend. This ad leans into the idea that many Ikea products are made to be customized and personalized.

It's not about having everything..jpg

Customers don’t love Amazon because it’s some awe-inspiring database of everything imaginable. They love it because when their heart is set on that one, incredibly obscure product, they always know there’s one online location that won’t ever let them down.

forget about us..jpg

Patagonia made a splash with their "Don't buy this jacket" campaign, a bold and subversive move that paid off massively. This ad continues that success with another suprising tagline-- "Forget about us." The best outdoor gear gives adventurers the comfort and freedom to stop thinking about what they're wearing, and Patagonia is truly the best.

zero to future in 0.0 seconds..jpg

Tesla is transforming how electric cars are percieved-- not by highlighting their environmental and economical benefits, but by making electrical cars unbearably, achingly desirable. This ad plays to the idea that owning a Tesla means owning a stylish, powerful piece of the future.

Fitbit Spec.jpg

This spec speaks to what makes Fitbit a powerful part of people’s lives. It’s a personal motivator and trainer that’s devoid of judgement, and it’s always at their side during their fitness struggles and triumphs.