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A brand like no other deserves a voice like no other.

I've been a full-time freelance copywriter for the last four years. But with other copywriters who are more experienced, better educated, and better-looking than I am, why should you choose me?

Because I bring an unparalleled creative approach that was born before those four years as a copywriter ever happened.


 At 15 years old I signed a record deal with Universal Records as a songwriter and performer, and later went on to release a Top 10 iTunes album, then wrote hit singles for Colbie Caillat, Jordan Smith, and others. In my time as a songwriter, I worked with difficult people, managed a team of businesspeople and creatives, and refined my voice and command of language.​

So why should you care about my unique background?

Well, you shouldn't. Unless my work is great. If it's great (it is), it's great because I've developed a singular perspective on communicating ideas beautifully and memorably in a way no other copywriter can match.


And when there might be 100 other companies claiming to do what you do, or a world of potential customers who have no idea what you do, having a unique voice matters.